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I was glad I found Minc Law. Attorney Dorrain did an amazing job. She was quick and easy to communicate with. She listened and understood the situation very clear. Attorney Dorrain knew what I wanted and from there she didn't hesitate to take actions and fulfilled every request I made. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to work with you.
BW, Feb 6, 2020
Dayra and the team were so helpful and Very quick to resolve my issue! I felt like my matter was important to them. I highly recommend!
KH, Feb 6, 2020
We are in an age, that electronic has taken over, and often we forget that the human touch is not only essential, but of prime importance. The efficiency of Ms. Hayden was remarkable. Thank you.
Gerard G, Jan 27, 2020
Thanks a lot for the help. Very professional team. Very punctual in their service. They were able to assist me in a very quick manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire their services.
Yago, Jan 23, 2020
Quick & easy. Great work from the team, and Victoriya for the frequent follow-up + quick service.
Brad K, Jan 21, 2020
Darcy was fast, professional, and efficient and the results were exactly what was promised! I would highly recommend this law firm for an internet defamation action.
Audra M, Dec 19, 2019
Ali Arko gets great results. She is persistent and will get the job done for you. She had a newspaper article removed after an ex employee made inappropriate allegations about me to the newspaper. The newspaper did not check any of the facts of the case. The newspaper went through 3 different editors, and Ali was able to talk to two of them and was able to get the false article removed. The google search of my name was hurting my business. Thank you Ali for your great work. I highly recommend her.
A. T, Dec 9, 2019
Victoria sheyyfer has been amazing in her dealing with my case.. she has acted very well and has been a great support even despite me being overseas..
Jasvin N, Dec 4, 2019
Alexandra Arko worked with me on a sensitive and difficult issue with a major publication and delivered a positive result. I would highly recommend Ali and Minc law as they are hard working and compassionate and can successfully navigate difficult issues.
Jason, Dec 4, 2019
Victoriya was a pleasure to work with. She communicated the process and kept us up to date on progress as she closed out the matter. Very efficient.
JD, Nov 13, 2019

Features & Benefits

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Best in Class Protection at a Fraction of the Cost

Minc Law’s partnership with ZeroFOX provides the same service and level of protection for a fraction of the cost.

Remediation & Legal Services

When a threat is identified, you have the legal and technological solutions to eliminate threats immediately, whether you are sleeping at night or at the office.

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Cyber Security

Swift Cyber Security Scanning to monitor for phishing, impersonations, and malware attacks.

Digital Risk Monitoring

Personalized Digital Risk Monitoring & Identification of Confidential Information, leakage, hacking & targeted attacks.

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24/7 Monitoring & Alerts

24/7 monitoring of all Major Online Data Sources, Social Media sites & Dark Web.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence To Keep You Safe

Using advanced artificial intelligence, ZeroFOX targets threats lurking on the internet to protect your brand from cybersecurity risks.


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